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Morjè by Calient'e

Night-Night Body Scrub

Night-Night Body Scrub

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Settle into a relaxing mood with relaxing lavender and calming eucalyptus pure essential oils in our special sugar scrub formula. Allow the steam from the shower to release calming lavender and eucalyptus to provide a cozy aroma that encourages tranquility and promotes rest.

Gently remove dull, lifeless skin cells with Night-Night Body Scrub to reveal a vibrant and soft complexion that lingers for days.

For best results, exfoliate no more frequently than every 2-3 days.

Benefits of Lavender: Considered being one of the safest essential oils to be used on the entire family, lavender helps with a number of skin issues such as eczema, hidradenitis supprativia (HS), sunburns, canker sores, dry skin, and more. Can help combat neurological conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Can be helpful in fighting infections.

Benefits of Eucalyptus: Works as an expectorant (loosens mucus to get rid of it from the body) and purifier, odor Control, Air Freshener, Highly antimicrobial so it helps with clearing away any germs left on the body. Shown to kill MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria, also can help with high cholesterol, balances blood sugar, and calms anxiety, helps liven up the body, contain anti-inflammatory properties so it may assist with menstrual cramps.

Ingredients: Brown & White Sugar, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oil(s), Natural Preservatives

 Note: We are a small business and all orders are manually packaged. All orders are fulfilled on Fridays and will take 3-5 days for priority mail shipping.

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