Collection: The Feel Good Collection

Morje's first collection features 100% pure essential oils that are carefully chosen, crafted and combined to help provide relief for minor ailments. Oils like lavender can assist with stress and anxiety, promoting a better night's sleep. Citrusy lemongrass serves as a natural skin toner with anti-bacterial properties, and pure peppermint oil both invigorates the senses while soothing muscle pain and promoting relaxation. 

This collection is all about feeling good while enjoying quality skincare products that provide maximum hydration while serving a functional purpose.

Explore the collection that started it all to discover how you can feel your best from the outside in.

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  • ailment (cramps, insect bites)
  • fragrance type (citrus, clean, romantic)
  • ingredient (peppermint, vanilla, lemongrass, etc.)
  • purpose (energy, sleep, refresh, calming, etc.)